Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Program

Introducing the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Program

The Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Program (VCLP) has been designed to enable you to participate in leadership experiences of your choice and engage in professional development sessions to explore who you are. You will be encouraged to reflect on your contributions to your community, and the skills and your leadership potential you are developing through these. Your growth and development throught the range of experiences you have engaged in during your time at the University of Tasmania, can also be formally recognised on your academic transcript.

The program has 3 components:  LearningExperience and Award.

The first two ( Learn and Experience) can be completed concurrently or independently, and upon the successful completion of these, you will be eligible to apply for one of the three awards included in the Award component;

  • Vice-Chancellor's Community Service
  • Vice-Chancellor's Professional Achievement Award
  • Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award

If you want to be part of the VCLP, please start by submitting your expression of interest and our team will contact you to welcome you and share with you how to get started.

The world needs help and you can be part of the solution!

Start or continue your leadership journey and gain formal recognition by getting involved with a wide range of organisations in Tasmania, across Australia and the world.

Depending on your leadership goals as well as your personal and professional preferences you can get recognition on your academic transcript for your co-curricular or extracurricular experiences through something called a citation. This citation includes completion 100 hours of service( more details below) as well as a reflective piece, where you will be asked to write using a theme area (4 available) as a focal point.

VCLP Workshops and Information Sessions

The VCLP team are with you every step of the way, with information sessions and workshops to support your learning and your application. Register for one of the workshops and information sessions available on CareerConnect.

Let’s look at what a citation consists of:

Evidence of 100 hours of experience accomplished through at least two different activities (50 hours each one). The activities could include a part-time job, volunteering, abroad experiences or sustainability-related projects.

We provide opportunities for you to learn more about the process, and strongly recommend you attend a ' VCLP General Information' session which presents the program and its requirements. The 'VCLP How to apply for a citation' session goes deeper into the application process: how to record your experiences; where to find your reflective questions, and how to submit your application.

You also have to attend two professional learning activities. Leadership and Critical Reflection, designed to develop your understanding of the assessment criteria, and enhance your use of the reflective process in your narrative writing, as well as promote your thinking in regards to leadership and the leader you intend to be. To register for these, visit the Events section on CareerConnect.

You also need to provide 2 referee letters: one for each experience from an external person or supervisor who can validate your role or engagement within that experience.

It is all about your learning and growth, so we provide a guided personal reflection for you to share what you have learned about your values, strengths, your leadership and employability skills.

The VCLP team want you to really showcase you and your learning, and the application process for an award includes; attendance at a MasterClass; the submission of an application with a short biography, letter of recommendation, professional profile and resume.

Attendance at an interview with a panel including SLCDE staff, Senior Leaders of the University of Tasmania, and a representative from external organisations related to each award category .

You will be asked to select a theme area, and this then becomes a focal point for your writing. You will be prompted to answer reflective questions to share how these experiences have developed your leadership in ways that may positively impact your future career plans and your community. The four theme areas are:

Industry and Innovation; Community and Place ; Sustainable Development and Global Leadership.

Please note that to be eligible for the Global Leadership citation at least 50 hours of your experience must have been completed outside of your home country, for example, working or volunteering overseas

These citations, if awarded, will appear on your official academic transcipt as  ‘Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Program citation for (Theme area)…’ under the heading of Awards, Prizes and Scholarships.

Please note: Your experiences must be different from one another. One must demonstrate your “Professional” achievement and the other your “Community” contribution.

Applying for an award : Let the world know what you have achieved

The University of Tasmanian wants you to recognise and celebrate all your achievements and personal growth. That is why we invite students who have successfully completed the Learning Component and the Experiential Component and are in the last year of their degree  to apply for one of the three Vice-Chancellor’s Awards available;

  • Vice-Chancellor’s Community Service Award
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Professional Achievement Award
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Student Leadership Award

Key Dates

Leadership Stories

The Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Program team really enjoy hearing about your experiences and your learning throughout your participataion, and the reflective process can help you realise how your learning and contributions at the University of Tasmania extend far beyond your degree. We celebrate the value that this journey has added not only to your degree but also to yourself and your community.

These are some of our Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award recipients' stories, and we cannot wait to listen to yours!

Introducing Cheryl Plunkett

Bachelor Nursing - VCLA 2018

"The VCLP helped me to grow my confidence and realise my leadership potential.

I felt that throughout the course I was encouraged to extend beyond my comfort zone to help me achieve my goals, which has assisted me in my nursing career so far"

Introducing Naomi Synnott

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws - VCLA 2017

"The VCLP provided me with an outlet to think deeply about myself, my leadership style as well as my strengths and weaknesses. By proactively thinking about these issues it enabled me to confidently articulate and understand the type of leader that I was and what I wanted to improve on.It gave me the confidence to speak openly and positively about who I was as a person and why I would excel in the role I would be applying for."

Introducing Terence Kwok

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery - VCLA 2017

"I realised that as a leader, there will be trying times when your resolve and perseverance towards your vision is tested. Setbacks are not failures, and reflection is a great tool in identifying areas of success and improvement to further your progress.

Setting aside time to reflect on how I can improve my practice of medicine will greatly benefit both my patients as well as my own personal and professional development."